The distinctive Diamond TradesMan strategic design-build approach results from years of experience and hundreds of successful home projects. All projects fall into one of the following phases to guarantee that every detail is paid attention to along the way, regardless of whether the project is large-scale concrete work, kitchen, bath, basement remodeling, or general construction.

  • Planning

  • Pre-Construction

  • Check-in and Construction


1- Evaluation of Project Specifications

Diamond TradesMan will evaluate and discuss project specifications and budgeting with the client during the initial round of contact. A worksite meeting will then be held to review the design intent and current conditions. Diamond TradesMan will take pictures and gather additional data at the worksite meeting to use when creating the proposal.


2- Construction Contract

Based on the information, communication, and ideas agreed upon during the job site meeting, a proposal will be created and provided to the potential client. This idea is merely a starting point for further negotiations and scope refinement. After receiving feedback from the client, Diamond TradesMan will present cost possibilities and changes in an effort to meet the client’s demands and expectations.

3- Let the Magic Begin!

A contract is created once the proposal phase is through and the client is content with the total scope and price. For complete satisfaction, the client is urged to read the contract thoroughly, clarify any points, and comprehend it before continuing. After the client signs the contract, the interior design team and the architect are hired to start the material selection process, finish the architectural design drawings, and start the permitting procedure all at once.


1- Choosing the Style and Design

Introductions to our interior design team are the first step in material selection. The interior design team and client collaborate in spreadsheet format to decide on style and design components and start making the right choices. All materials and costs are decided upon after multiple sessions. After all the materials have been chosen, a material reconciliation change order is created to compare the costs of the chosen materials to those specified in the contract.

2- Obtaining the Required Permits

All required permit plans are created and submitted at the same time the material selection process is underway. Before the construction documents are finalized, the customer is encouraged to participate collaboratively in the process of analyzing the plans, submitting requests for adjustments, and debating alternative scopes and option prices. All permissions for the project must be obtained by Diamond TradesMan using expedited services.


1- Pre-Preps

After the material selections and permitting are complete, the client and Diamond TradesMan will decide upon a start date. The client and the project team meet before construction to determine the procedures and regulations that will apply when the project gets underway.

2- Check-In

The construction will start on the scheduled day. The client’s contact point for future communications will be the designated project manager. The sole responsibility of the project manager is to manage projects, ensure that every stage of the project is carried out to the highest standard, and supervise the in-house artisans and subcontractors who will work on the project. As the project progresses, Diamond TradesMan is committed to keeping lines of communication open with the client on the project’s scope, the next phases, and any potential problems.

3- Check-Out

The customer will be given close-out paperwork once the project has been finished entirely to their satisfaction and all issues on the punch list have been addressed. The document will also contain an evaluation letter and any applicable warranties. Diamond TradesMan requests feedback from every customer to continue improving our procedures and provide them with the greatest experiences.